Are your lips usually dry an cracked in the winter? Now, there is a revolutionary all natural lip balm that is taking the industry by storm. EOS lip balm products are being chosen 10 to 1, over Chapstick and other lip care essentials. Their lip balm products come exclusively packed with shea butter and jojoba oil. Your lips get a smooth silky coat with each application. In fact, don’t be surprised when you see the highest paid celebrities in entertainment like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian whipping out a pastel container of their superior EOD lip balm products. Find out why everybody is switching to EOS lip balm.

Why Are Thousands Of Women Choosing EOS Lip Balm?

Women today are craving organic cosmetics for their skin. Products with harsh ingredients take away from their youthful luster and create damages later on that may need to be repaired by pricey surgery or treatments. EOS lip balm products come infused with eleven essential amino acids that are safe to use everyday. In fact, they are based with shea butter and jojoba oil, which have been used on the skin for thousands of years. Evolution of Smooth is one of the highest sold and used EOS lip balm on the market.

Evolution of Smooth Products

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Evolution of Smooth has many delectable flavors that will have your senses tingling from each use. You will love the way their Amazon sold products leave your lips feeling ultra smooth. Their products come individually packaged in a unique container that will help you identify their products from others. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Evolution of Smooth website ( to learn more about their products and promotional offers today. Additional information available ate the EOS Facebook page.



January 19, 2017

Politics was in the forefront of everyone’s mind in 2016. George Soros, famous for his devotion to Democratic causes, was often in the news. Whether it was supporting Hillary Clinton, or drawing attention to the migrant crisis, Soros made plenty of headlines.

George Soros has clear leadership skills, and he uses them to draw more support to his preferred causes. An example of this is his investment in migrant businesses. Born in Hungary, Soros knows first-hand the stresses that immigrants face. He has also recognized the especially desperate plight of those involved in Europe’s migrant crisis.

His foundations on are prepared to pump half a billion dollars into tech startups and other businesses immigrants create. Soros’ vision with this is broad, not narrow. He has not limited the geography, or economic sector he will invest in. Instead, he is working with organizations including the UN to create the most effective program possible.

George Soros also made waves with political donations this year. One notable donation was $2 million to Maricopa Strong, which helped defeat controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is part of a larger effort, to re-set the direction of criminal justice in America.

Soros donated over $3 million to district-attorney election campaigns in 2016. By supporting progressive candidates, he hopes to redress the uneven application of justice in America.

The Presidential election, of course, was also a focus for George Soros. He gave $8 million to super PACs in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Time. Soros also donated to organizations that sought to get the Hispanic vote out for Clinton. These activities were especially concentrated in Florida.

When Clinton lost the election, Soros continued his activism in other ways. He is an early and mainstream leader of resistance to Trump. As a member of Democracy Alliance, Soros has access to other big donors, and to politicians such as Nancy Pelosi. Soros will continue to be a leader into 2017 and beyond.

Now that the election is over, what will 2017 bring for Soros? More resistance to Trump seems certain. Soros may also have more time to refocus on causes he has supported in the past. These include New York City’s Young Men’s Initiative at Public education, immigration, and perhaps women’s rights could receive prominent donations.

As Democrats seek to keep Trump from rolling back Obama’s gains, donors like Soros will be important. His leadership on and communication skills, in addition to his money, will certainly be important to the left’s effort, as well.

January 5, 2017

If you’ve noticed that your hair is brittle, dryer than usual, or starting to thin, this could be due to a number of factors. Stress, hormones, weather and the types of products you use on your hair have a lot do to with how healthy your tresses are. Fortunately, Wen has done wonders for lots of customers, and the products can improve the health of your hair as well.

Wen is a line of all-natural hair care products created by hairstylist Chaz Dean. The products have a pleasant scent and feature essential oils and plant extracts that remove dirt and debris from the hair and soothe the scalp naturally and effectively. There are even several celebrities who have praised the benefits of Wen and officially endorsed the products in television ads.

Wen has shampoos and conditioners that are specially designed to add more moisture to the hair, remove dandruff and get rid of frizziness. Wen cleansing conditioners are available at and come in pomegranate, lavender and sweet almond oil varieties. Wen also provides styling mousse, which is great for wavy or curly hair, and styling creme, which eliminates dryness and frizziness after washing and conditioning the hair. There’s even a straightening gloss that you can use to protect your hair during heat styling.

If you’re ready to try something new when it comes to your hair care routine, check out for more product information.

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Synthetic stem cells have been found to give comparable results as those given by natural stem cells. Synthetic cardiac stem cell are more stable and easy to preserve, features which stand to benefit many patients. The use of synthetic cardiac stem cells lowers any risk associated with stem cell therapy. According to stem cell therapies help damaged tissues repair themselves with the use of paracrine factors. The Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute is providing stem cells for the open heart surgery of babies with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS).

Clinical trials are underway to regenerate the right ventricle in order to make it equally as strong as the left. The results of this research will benefit children with the heart defect HLHS. This heart defect reduces the heart’s ability to pump blood from the heart to the rest of the body. According to, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine are actively working to improve the lives of babies with HLHS. Two four month olds received the stem cell therapy with optimal results that indicate a promising future for stem cell research.

About the Lung Institute

The regenerative medicine offered by The Lung Institute is based around stem cell therapy. Many lung diseases can be treated by the use of stem cell therapy including; COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, interstitial lung disease, bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis, and pneumoconiosis. The treatment routes choices are by blood (venous) and via bone marrow. Stem cells are self-renewing and replicating cells that can form any type of tissue within the body.

Cells that come from a certain part of the body are able to be moved to other parts and given a new function. This is what is known as plasticity. All cells used in stem cell therapy treatment are autologous, meaning they’re derived from your own body. The stem cell treatment process is basically three steps; harvesting, separating, and returning. The stem cells are pushed through your bloodstream, through the right ventricle of the heart, and into the lungs. The stem cells become naturally caught in the pulmonary trap of the lungs where the healing process begins.

Lung Institute’s Facebook Page:

Securus Technologies is well known for being a inmate regulator that has recently made inmate services available to several states. They offer cost effective inmate calling features to over 2 million customers annually. Alongside with the Public Utility Commission that have regulated top inmate providers like Global Tel-Link to ensure free inmate calling features for Louisiana customers. They have been able to receive free inmate calls for a limited time. More recently, they have enacted a statewide campaign to inform their customers of the benefits of video visitation. They have merged with video giant Vimeo to make video chat features available to their customers.


A recent PRN Newswire article talked about how important it is for individuals to understand that the traditional days of visiting an inmate at the facility are over. You can speak to your loves ones over the internet including visitations. In fact, if you’re on an inmates visiting list you have the option of visiting them conveniently from your pc or smartphone. Surprisingly, 160,000+ families and their inmates are already using video visitation options. On average, inmates and their families will save over 27% on their telephone costs.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay Options


Advanced Pay options allow you to pay for your inmate telephone features in advance. You have the option of using a debit or credit card to pay for prepaid calling, put money on an inmates books, or send them photos.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail is a personalized telephone feature that allows inmates to retrieve messages from a secured account. This is a very popular feature among inmates that gives them the opportunity to be independent. Now an inmate can find out about everything going on the outside with a simple telephone message.


IAP`s mission is to give world class standard services to customers satisfaction. IAP is busy to develop and create programs which add value to its employees. IAP Worldwide have members who help each other solve problem and is a top international service company for over 65 years giving a large number of services to the US and International Government Agencies and organizations. Being the world leading, it provides season managed programs. IAP offers safe and reliable answers to customers needs at 110 locations in about 27 countries. IAP is found in Washington DC, Florida, Maryland, Oklahoma, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. IAP Worldwide provides different types of job opportunities like a Plumber who can repair broken pipes and assemble them and fitting water and drainage systems, an Electrician who able to deal with electrical trade functions and problems. They also need air traffic control specialist.

Read more:
Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

Kaye Scholer is the law firm that started in 1917 by Benjamin key and Jacob scholar. The firm has over 450 Attorneys in 9 offices in Chicago-Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, and New York City. IAP Worldwide is busy to develop and create programs which add value to its employees. IAP is a top international service company giving a large number of services to the US and International Government agencies and organizations. Being the world leading it provides season managed programs.

In 2006, American Lawyer magazine highlighted Kaye Scholer as finished litigation company of the year. Kaye Scholer has highly offered transactional exercise. IAP decided to support US Army to distribute common ground system contract valued $ 53 million. The IAP Company said they got a tender to supply logistics and train support managers. IAP distributed ground system-Army, at Fort Hood, Texas, and location worldwide. IAP finds and eliminates problems that are taking place in our nations. IAP Worldwide provides aircraft upgrade programs, looking for better Equipment repairs aircraft parts and also engineering services. IAP provides modern technology to change high-tech details and communication resources. Most of the customers all over the world depend on IAP, for improving and keeping their power plant safe. IAP provides integrated networks guarantee United States Government reach their goal of in dynamic issues. IAP recently signed a deal with US Navy to provide United States security groups with best services like field hospital and airfield machines. IAP said they would support to the Hurricane Matthew affected people. IAP has sent out different teams in areas affected like Florida, North Carolina Fort Bragg and the East coast.

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New Hampshire Insurance Company faces impeachment charges filed by the former Atlanta Basketball management team following a breach of contract about settlement made by Danny Ferry. This lawsuit filed affects all former partners of AHBE excluding the new ownership group led by Tony Ressler.

This lawsuit commonly referred to as AIG is a civil action against New Hampshire Insurance Company for failure to honor the terms of the contract. Claims made by AHBE were that the group was insured against employment losses such as “Workplace Torts” and Wrongful Termination.” Based on the documents presented to the court by AHBE, a notice had been issued to AIG indicating that claims were assessed and covered by the policy.

In 2015, Ferry and Hawks agreed to end their contract through a buyout. The current owners of the team are aware of the lawsuit and do not wish to interfere with that matter. The amount to be paid to the complainant is confidential and enough to settle the lawsuit. However, in light of these findings, AIG still refuses to acknowledge the claim. In their defense, AIG claims that Mr. Ferry’s claims were not covered and, hence, they are not obligated to pay.

A closer look at Levenson’s life and contribution

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur and former owner of an NBA team called Atlanta Hawks. Levenson attended Washington University and American University. He majored in law and started his career as a journalist with the Washington Star. In 1977, he created United Communications Group (UCG). UCG is a communications company, which focuses on news, analysis of healthcare, telecommunications, energy, and mortgage banking. In 2004, Levenson and his partner, Ed Peskowitz, formed Atlanta Hawks LLC to purchase the NBA team from Turner Broadcasting. Levenson served as the manager of the team until 2014 when he decided to sell his shares.

Levenson serves as a board member for Tech Target. He served on other boards such as Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He is also a philanthropist and supports Community Foundation of Washington D.C., Hoop Dreams Foundation, and ‘I Have a Dream Foundation.’ Read more:


  1. Bruce Levenson Website

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, a graduate from the London school of Economics with a socio-economics degree and an MBA from the Southern Illinois University, is a man who has set out to make the internet marketing a profitable niche for his businesses. Born in 1960, in Malaysia to a Teacher and civil servant, Dr. Vijay undertook his early education in his home country, Malaysia.

Dr, Vijay developed an interest in Multi-level marketing while he was working in Europe after his studies. He brought the concept to Malaysia upon his return. Together with his friends and partners, they burnt the midnight oil trying to come up with a business idea that could be profitable and at the same time give more business opportunities.

QI group of companies was founded after a lot of discussions and Dr. Vijay Eswaran took over the chairmanship. QI, which was established in 1988 embraced the Multi-Level Marketing business model and principles. It later expanded to include many other industries that span over ten countries. They established several offices in the Asian capital cities. QI covers industries like hospitality, training, direct selling and retail trading.

They used borrowed models like the numismatics and precious metals model which had a high success rate in European markets with the aim of increasing their sales and expanding the markets. The models proved to be very successful. In testing their philosophy, they bought the commemorative coins that they were going to trade in the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Their competitors got amused by their way of doing business.

The skeptics, however, were shocked when they learned that they had jumped to the third position in sales as a result of overwhelming coin sales. Their success was attributed to the combined effects of internet selling and that of physical trading.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran started another subsidiary of his business, QNET. QNET businesses use internet platforms, and it has quickly expanded all over the Asian countries. It combines the traditional modes of business models with the current ICT type platforms. The digital platforms are in line with Dr.Vijay’s vision, where he saw the internet being a great player in pushing up sales.

Sam Tabar has acquired vast experience in the fund management industry. He has served as the Head of Capital Strategy for an American Bank; Merrill Lynch. The New York-based capital strategist has a brilliant educational background. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a degree in law. He was named as the Chief Operating Officer at Full Cycle, a company which is geared towards shifting the industries towards cost saving and earth-friendly fuels. At his current role, Sam Tabar is responsible for developing the managing strategies for the funds of the Company.

Tabar said he was honored to work with Full Cycle as a member of the senior leadership team. With his experience and stellar track record, he will be bringing big things on board the energy firm. Sam has spent years working as a hedge fund strategist for big groups such as PMA Investment Advisor; based in Hong Kong, and the SPRAX group. This gave him ample time to perfect his business strategies in the Asian markets.

Appointing Sam as Chief Operating Officer is a move that is going to give the company a seasoned professional in the important sectors of law and strategy development. He aims to help the company to impact the world by promoting fuels that do not pollute the environment. His remarkable portfolio is further complemented by his vast experience in various markets in the world. Sam Tabar has worked in different nations in his career has learned several languages as well. The native English speaker is Fluent in French and Japanese as well.

Sam is an attorney by profession, having gotten his degrees from the Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law. This plus his profound experience in management of Hedge Fund makes him perfect for his role at Full Cycle Energy Fund. He will bring experience and astounding expertise on board the company’s management and help it impact more on the global community.

Flavio Maluf is the current serving president of the Eucatex Group of companies based in Brazil. When he started working in the trade section of the company, his working experience began in 1987. He used to work in many parts f the company before becoming the president. His trajectory is full of success and achievements.

According to his Facebook handle, he attended the Fundacao Alvares Armando Pentad University in Sao Paulo. It was at this University where he attained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. For over a year, Flavio Maluf lived and studied at the University of New York. He attained a diploma in Business Administration. While he was at the University, he studied commerce and trade to aid his economic and financial task at the family business.

Flavio Maluf is married to Tores Jacqueline Coutinho de Lourdes. While he was in the FAAP University, the two met and became long-term lovers. In 1986, he got married to her. They have three children as a result. According to Flavio, his marriage is a blessing. The oldest child attained a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of London. The other 19-year-old child is undertaking a Business Administration degree from the University of Brazil. The son wants to follow his father’s footsteps. The youngest child of the family is undertaking a mechanical degree in the University of London.

According to the Wikipedia pages, Flavio Maluf started his career at the trade department of Eucatex Group. For this section, he was given the task to ensure exports and financial aspects of the exports are put to book. For over six years, he also worked at the Eucatex Industrial division which took much of his career. In 1996, he was appointed as a member of the board of directors of the company. His position was so influential. Success followed him at every corner. In 1997, he was appointed as president of the company following an extensive consultation between the family members and the board of directors. Or over 10 years, he has served as the chairperson of the company. According to him, the company has succeeded in its endeavor through his commitment and good business ideas.