Sam Tabar has acquired vast experience in the fund management industry. He has served as the Head of Capital Strategy for an American Bank; Merrill Lynch. The New York-based capital strategist has a brilliant educational background. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a degree in law. He was named as the Chief Operating Officer at Full Cycle, a company which is geared towards shifting the industries towards cost saving and earth-friendly fuels. At his current role, Sam Tabar is responsible for developing the managing strategies for the funds of the Company.

Tabar said he was honored to work with Full Cycle as a member of the senior leadership team. With his experience and stellar track record, he will be bringing big things on board the energy firm. Sam has spent years working as a hedge fund strategist for big groups such as PMA Investment Advisor; based in Hong Kong, and the SPRAX group. This gave him ample time to perfect his business strategies in the Asian markets.

Appointing Sam as Chief Operating Officer is a move that is going to give the company a seasoned professional in the important sectors of law and strategy development. He aims to help the company to impact the world by promoting fuels that do not pollute the environment. His remarkable portfolio is further complemented by his vast experience in various markets in the world. Sam Tabar has worked in different nations in his career has learned several languages as well. The native English speaker is Fluent in French and Japanese as well.

Sam is an attorney by profession, having gotten his degrees from the Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law. This plus his profound experience in management of Hedge Fund makes him perfect for his role at Full Cycle Energy Fund. He will bring experience and astounding expertise on board the company’s management and help it impact more on the global community.

Flavio Maluf is the current serving president of the Eucatex Group of companies based in Brazil. When he started working in the trade section of the company, his working experience began in 1987. He used to work in many parts f the company before becoming the president. His trajectory is full of success and achievements.

According to his Facebook handle, he attended the Fundacao Alvares Armando Pentad University in Sao Paulo. It was at this University where he attained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. For over a year, Flavio Maluf lived and studied at the University of New York. He attained a diploma in Business Administration. While he was at the University, he studied commerce and trade to aid his economic and financial task at the family business.

Flavio Maluf is married to Tores Jacqueline Coutinho de Lourdes. While he was in the FAAP University, the two met and became long-term lovers. In 1986, he got married to her. They have three children as a result. According to Flavio, his marriage is a blessing. The oldest child attained a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of London. The other 19-year-old child is undertaking a Business Administration degree from the University of Brazil. The son wants to follow his father’s footsteps. The youngest child of the family is undertaking a mechanical degree in the University of London.

According to the Wikipedia pages, Flavio Maluf started his career at the trade department of Eucatex Group. For this section, he was given the task to ensure exports and financial aspects of the exports are put to book. For over six years, he also worked at the Eucatex Industrial division which took much of his career. In 1996, he was appointed as a member of the board of directors of the company. His position was so influential. Success followed him at every corner. In 1997, he was appointed as president of the company following an extensive consultation between the family members and the board of directors. Or over 10 years, he has served as the chairperson of the company. According to him, the company has succeeded in its endeavor through his commitment and good business ideas.

November 25, 2016

The online market for portable home cleaning and repair services is getting more captivating. The Handy Company is taking a remarkable stake in the home cleaning business. It has hardly been two years since its launch, but Handy has already claimed multi-million weekly transactions. Umang Dua and Hanrahan founded the Handy Company. It is a new on-demand service company that gives a better model for both home service professionals and consumers. Homeowners are presented with cleaning service like an ATM through the company’s new mobile app.

Handy Intends to Expand into Furniture Assembly and Delivery

Handy aims to expand into the new furniture delivery and assembly service category. The main items offered will include the selection of living room and bedroom furniture to be purchased on the website of the company. Customers will always feel free to email the list of items to the enterprise in the case of non-listed items on the site. Handy will acquire and price out these items directly to the customer. Shipment of the items takes one day with an hourly delivery time window. Oisin Hanrahan is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company. He says that while this new service is meant to promote furniture delivery and assembly, their idea is not to make the company an e-commerce portal. He adds that it is to reduce the hustle taken by homeowners to when buying furniture.

Handy Furniture will be Acquired Online

The furniture purchased online will frequently have an opportunity for delivery and assembly. The company is hoping to reduce the delivery and assembly charges to make it more viable to all customers. The company also desires to offer the option where customers can just purchase their furniture without the assembly or delivery service. The aim of this innovative service is to make customers contented. The whole company idea is to take the things people are doing and accomplish on their behalf. The company aims to make the furniture acquisition experience livelier.

The new service could boost Handy’s economy in different ways if it becomes successful. The new service will assist the company to expand its Handy’s customer base as many customers are projected to turn to as the one-stop shop for home services. The new service will also open channels for more job opportunities and new partnership prospects. Handy is dedicated to helping connect their customers with competent and trusted professionals for the common household services. The company is focused on attracting the most excellent association of high-class independent experts.

In a recent XRepublic article the work of the Cone Marshall law firm located in Auckland, New Zealand, was highlighted. The firm is composed of the two named principals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. It is an international tax and trust law firm that was established in 1999.

Karen Marshall previously had worked in London in a commercial litigation department. She had ten years of experience before coming to Auckland and joining forces with Cone in 2005. Marshall became a principal in 2006. She works as an advisor to statutory trustee companies.

Geoffrey Cone specializes in the area of international trust and tax planning, and in the area of trustee and trust management services.
The firm offers their services to international families and their advisors, helping them in establishing New Zealand trusts, companies, and partnerships, as well as providing wealth and tax planning advice. Read the entire article in the XRepublic here:

To preserve monetary wealth, it is often necessary to establish trusts and estates. These allow for the flow of money and properties between principals and beneficiaries without an inordinate amount of tax needing to be paid. Life in our complex world can be filled with barriers. Our path to economic success has many hazards and obstacles on our way to having a manageable estate, one that can be passed along to younger generations without having incurred an enormous tax burden. For those who have a sizeable estate and wish it to be passed on to their family members, the use of estate planning attorneys is necessary. In the instance of wanting to shelter the estate more effectively, the use of off-shore trusts and other complicated measures have been established. Such provisions are largely outside the grasp of tax-hungry government bodies that always seem to want more than a fair share.

Cone and Marshall are attorneys specializing in estate planning services and welcome any international families who wish to lower the burden of tax payments to those receiving the benefits from an estate disbursement. It is a complicated legal process but without at least some estate planning; the tax burdens can almost completely offset the value of the estate, itself.

In the new millennium, your online reputation is everything. Information is shared at what seems to be the speed of light. Your image is globally being observed, rated, and ranked, constantly. This is especially important for business owners and other entrepreneurs alike. You’ve worked hard to get your customer ratings up and want to keep that high score, but in reality, all it takes is that one negative comment or review to change everyone’s opinion on how you do business. This can be detrimental to your company and to your personal image.

Learning how to combat this negativity and get ahead of the mudslide is essential to any reputation management strategy. In a world where one’s opinion is changed by anothers, it’s important to do everything you can to run a successful business while keeping your client-base satisfied. According to Forbes, many entrepreneurs can fix their online reputation themselves, but to have it done effectively is much more efficient. The professionals at The Search Fixers, an online reputation management firm, know the ins and outs of the web and exactly what to do to turn your image around.

Common steps to take to get your online reputation back on track can be simple or you could make it much more than it is. A key factor to keep in mind when you run across an open flame (someone negatively ranting) is not to engage and add more fuel to their fire. It can be tempting to rattle off a few smart comments to set that person straight, but in the eyes of the internet, you will only be doing more damage than correcting. It’s important to take the time and compose an elegant response without directly addressing the irate user.

Another preventative measure that can be taken is to combat the negativity with online/offline sales, deals, and promotions. Let your consumers know that you can weather the storm and come out on top even stronger than before.

Online Reputation Management: Getting it Done Right

Lastly, you should think about when you first started your business and that fire in your eyes, with a passion for success and the determination to exceed all expectations. Continue to put out content regularly and publish new content for the web to help push those negative reviews away from the top spots.

No matter if you’re attempting a fix yourself or going with reputation management consultants like The Search Fixers, your online image needs to be protected and guarded, because this is your online face. The last thing you want is to be negligent about the status of your online image. Do your research and start your image repair today!

It is normal for competitors to sue each other over intellectual property rights violations. Sometimes, it is an ‘honest mistake’ while it’s not so honest on other occasions. Whatever were the intentions of GTL when they issued a press release about Securus Technologies, there were some obvious and glaring errors in the press release. It was expected that Securus will come forward and tell their side of the story. The have gone ahead and done something a little bit better than that – they have not only told their side of the story but have also pointed out why the GTL story might is flawed.

Also, they have made it easier for the neutral to give a verdict by being very structured in their criticism and supplementing their words with data. The case looks like being either of misinterpretation of the part of GTL or misrepresentation of the facts in their press report. One thing is for sure, the GTL press release is based more on optimism than on facts.

I expect Securus to take this attack by GTL in their stride as they are no strangers to patent infringement litigation. The fact that they have never lost such a case while winning 19 of them is a clear indicator of their standing on the issue till date.

Securus Technologies is surely on the path to further strengthen its stronghold of the sector by taking some terrific business decisions like acquiring Jpay and by getting coveted accreditations like the one from Better Business Bureau.

Keeping up with their tone of being more forward and constructive thinking, Securus talks about license sharing in their press release and their CEO, in his latest interview, suggests that it would be better if competitors participated in technology challenges instead of filing and fighting lawsuits against each other.


Many people do not know that Securus is one of the best Prison Communication Technologies on the market at the current moment. If you have been struggling to keep in touch with a loved one in prison, you will want to know about Securus and how it can work for you. What you will also want to know is that a recent press release published by the GTL contain several inaccuracies back in June when it was first put on the internet. This press release was recently corrected by Securus so that individuals who are interested in using the technology have a more thorough understanding of what it means.


When it comes to Prison Communication, this is an option that could help you and is exactly what you need when it comes to having better communication with a loved one. I have been using Securus for quite some time and am often very happy with the results because I feel it can help to keep in better touch with a loved one who you would otherwise not see or hear from for quite some time. I also feel it is a safe and reliable technology that allows you to feel confident using it even on a daily basis.


Prison families all across the country are thrilled with Securus and the fact that this is something that can truly help them to feel confident in the work being done. If you have never heard of Securus before or have not had the privilege of using it yourself, it is very easy for you to learn more about this amazing technology to see if it can benefit you as it has for so many other individuals who are dealing with someone who is behind bars and with whom they would like to communicate regularly.


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Latino music does not just come from country, it comes from the Caribbean, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Columbia, Spain and Venezuela. All these countries produce an irresistible and diverse sound. Latinos identify with their music because it tells the story about their traditions, cultures and backgrounds that are deeply rooted in the Latino DNA. The diversity which exists in Latino culture has always brought a diversity with each artist. Latino styles have always had a unique melody and a wonderful beat to their music.


Famous Latino music artists such as Shakira, Juan Gabriel, Gloria Estefan and Selena Gomez have always introduced their music and personality in the world. One of the names being recently added to these list of stars is Norka Luque, a Venezuelan singer who has taken the Latino Music industry by surprise. She made her first release in 2011 and has continued to produce major hits that are deeply inspired.


Norka is an educate singer who graduated with a degree from France a few years ago. She graduated with skills in marketing, culinary arts and in fashion. Her breakthrough in music happened when she met Emilio Estefan Jr. She moved to the United States after France where she had a rapid debut in her musical career.


Emilio is a renowned musical singer that has worked with many artists. He got interested in Norka Luque’s music and decide to work with her in her production and recording. The singer had her musical career have a rapid debut. She lives her dream every day through singing and recording music and continues to learn a lot through working with the talented producer. Her dream of transforming the world through her music is finally getting possible. She sings hope and inspiration to inspire everyone not to give up with their pursuits.


After several years of hard work, Norka has managed to have her songs, receive an international acclaim. Norka remains grateful for having discovered a good producer that has helped her grow and change the world through her music. While Estefan is the main producer, he works with a large team to make it all happen. Estefan also led a group of world composers to make Norka Luque’s first song a major hit. Her songs have been a hit in top charts and in several cities. They always have an important message of hope which Norka has always wanted to show through her music.


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IAP Worldwide Service has offered international-scale logistics, exception technical and professional services, and management of facilities for the past 60 years. The Cape Canaveral-based firm has expanded its operation to 30 nations and 100 territories. It has specialized in prompt response to emergencies such as foreign battlefield and natural disasters. IAP Worldwide Services capitalizes on its state-of-the-art technology and 2,000 experienced workers to manage and run huge military installations, inaccessible research laboratories, and private organizations.

Reputation and unparalleled customer services

Since its inception, IAP Worldwide Services has dedicated its efforts towards delivering high-quality services. It has invested heavily in technology to offer solutions to common problems that clients encounter on a daily basis. It has acquired two successful technical and logistical firms headquartered in the U.S. This acquisition is in line with the company’s long-term growth strategy, the mission of diversifying its portfolio, and the desire to grow its addressable market. Once a client approaches IAP Worldwide Services, the firm takes his or her mission and makes it its own.

Corporate responsibility

A strong culture of corporate responsibility has been a key driver of IAP Worldwide Services success on Devex. Apart from treating customers in a professional manner, the firm engages in community initiatives. It works tirelessly to customize strategies for showing gratitude to the many individuals and communities, who have remained loyal to the company and helped it to sail through economic distresses.

History and series of acquisitions

The success story of IAP Worldwide services dates back to 1953 when Pan AM World Services started building and managing the United States’ first space launch in Cape Canaveral, FL. After 45 years since its establishment, Pan Am Worldwide Services began to offer full facilities maintenance services such as construction management, airport master planning, and engineering services. In the 90s, Johnson Controls, Inc. bought Pan Am Services to create Johnson Controls Worldwide Services (JCWS).

In 2004, IAP was incepted in Irmo, SC to focus on logistics and procurement. What initially began as a contract to deliver generator supplies to the U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia became a firm that supported the American army during the Operation Desert Storm. A year later (2005), IAP acquired JCWS and its fully owned business unit, Readiness Management Support (RMS), to create IAP Worldwide Services.

Immediately after its launch, IAP Worldwide Services divided its business into three distinct lines of operation such as Global Operations and Logistics, Specialized and Technical services, and Base Operation Support Services. Today, the firm continues to expand through acquisitions, innovation, and tapping into new market opportunities.

The Midas Legacy is a company that is highly dedicated to helping people accomplish their goals for both the short and long term, in all different aspects of life. A great many of the company’s clients are entrepreneurs who are seeking financial wealth or independence and are in need of proper advice and techniques for improving their overall business practice. The company goes beyond the financial and business aspects though, as they are willing to help individuals reach other goals like living healthy, living without stress, and being happy overall.

The strategy the Midas Legacy uses is very effective and simple, offering people the total package in life improvement regardless of where they want to improve. The company has a passion for helping and better the lives of all people, which is why they enjoy helping entrepreneurs find success and maintain strong businesses, as this helps more people work and find success themselves by extension.

The Midas Legacy goes beyond just the business and financial aspects because success amounts to more then that. True success comes when someone is not only financially success and independent, but when they are living happy and healthy and enjoy themselves in daily life. The Midas legacy helps their clients build disciplines and stay on course so they can create a habit of living a better life, no matter what their background or their level of experience.

The Midas Legacy also helps people rebuild their lives and start from scratch in the case of disasters. Often times people find themselves running out of money or tapping into their saving for retirement or other things in order to handle the obligations in front of them, especially in the face of a financial crisis. The Midas Legacy can help people in this situation get back on their feet to reestablish themselves.

The company is always ready to go the extra mile in order to ensure each plan is customized and tailored specifically to a clients needs so they can safely reach their goals. Regardless of previous failures and obstacles, The Midas Legacy is able to help. Every member receives their own guide, known as the Midas Code, the comes with a basis of information to help them get started and situated with the company.