Bruce Levenson is the member of the Washington investment group that actually took over the Atlanta Hawks after there was a falling out among the other owners. He was the voice of reason in the room, and he had the good sense to send the Thrashers back to Canada so that they could be among their home crowd. He recreated the Jets for the city of Winnipeg, and he was able to help the Atlanta Hawks grow in value so much that he sold the franchise for a major profit.
He took a man from Turner who was used to running the television side of things, and he put that person in charge of the Hawks. Steve Koonen made the games for the Hawks a more fun event for everyone, and Bruce was able to see the value of the franchise rise while he was watching the team become successful. ESPN says Bruce was the perfect for the franchise because he was the only one who wanted to be sensible.

He was able to make sure that the franchise would be more valuable than when he bought the franchise. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to make sure that they are going to get a good value from a Hawks ticket, and that is something that made the franchise far more valuable. He sold the team for a high value to a new investment group, but he handed over the team in much better shape than when he got it. He did not have a good team on his hands, and he made the Hawks into a solid franchise that people are going to want to go watch. That is going to be something that the people of Atlanta are going to enjoy for a long time.

Bruce Levenson turned out to be a Godsend, and he was able to lend a hand to make the Hawks even more relevant for the future. He will be known as one of the best owners in the history of Atlanta up there with Ted Turner and the like. He was able to make a franchise from a laughingstock into one that people want to play for and play against. They are going to be consistently good for a long time, and according to Forbes, they are going to owe all that to Bruce Levenson and his incredible wisdom as an NBA owner.


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Louisiana experienced flooding tragedy that caused loss of lives and property. The flood brought about tension, anxiety, and stress to everyone around the globe, more so the inmates and their friends and family. Thanks to Securus Technologies for their tremendous contribution in easing the tension, anxiety, and stress of the inmates and their loved ones. Securus Technologies made a press announcement of their partnership with Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) in offering the prisoners imprisoned at Louisiana Department of Public Safety (LA DOC) one free call every day to keep them connected with their loved ones.

This offer brought up a vivid act of humanity, since keeping inmates and their friends and family connected is a vital service, especially concerning a tragedy like the flooding of Louisiana. Securus Technologies not only offer inmates with free calls everyday services, but they also extended their help further in contributing cash donation of $ 50,000 to Louisiana Department of Corrections welfare fund for inmates. The donation is aimed to assist inmates there.

 Securus Technologies maintained communications that helped in reducing tension, anxiety, and stress of prisoners and their friends and family. The company incurred approximately $ 300,000 from the free calls cost services. It connected over 250,000 free calls during the seven days offer.

Securus Technologies, founded in 1986, improves public safety and industrialize the incarceration experience by providing efficient and sufficient edge criminal justice and civil technology solutions. Law Enforcement, Correction agencies, and public safety rely on Securus Technologies for simple, sturdy and secure technology solutions that are 24 hours accessible and not complicated. Securus Technologies headquarters is found in Dallas Texas, while its regional offices are in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton, Texas and Allen, Texas.

Around the world, companies and venues search to make sense of their facilities and gain the help where they need it in terms of professional and technical services. IAP Worldwide has gained a reputation for providing global-scale logistics and has become a world leader in providing advanced professional and technical services.

As the IAP Worldwide website identifies, the company has more than 2,000 employees located in over 25 countries around the globe. This makes it possible to solve demanding challenges from the customers within public and private sectors alike. They are familiar with the “unexpected” that happens, whether it is an overseas battlefield or a natural disaster.

The company has been around for 60+ years and has a reputation for being responsive as well as to go above and beyond customer expectations.

IAP Worldwide has acquired a significant amount of business over the past several years, including the business for DRS Technologies. These acquisitions make it possible to deliver better services to customers worldwide, and the strategies established provide organic growth with innovation across all markets.

There is a smart and efficient approach to all problems, and the highest standards of morals and ethics are followed at all times. Ethics and compliance is one of the key components to ensure that the company stands out from the other logistics and facilities management companies on the market.

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The infrastructure is built in such a way that the impossible truly becomes possible. Government contract vehicles are even in place as a way of ensuring that more federal, state, and local governments have full access to the various innovative solutions that are in place.

A strong leadership team is also in place, providing experience as well as ingenuity. This is yet another way for IAP Worldwide to stand out from the competition and show that they truly have a grasp on the needs of their customers. Rather than having a basic corporate ladder, there is not only a Chief Executive Officer and chief financial officer, but vice president of global support services, national security programs, aviation and engineering solutions, General Counsel, business development, power solutions, human resources, as well as ethics, compliance, and training.

Solutions exist in a wide array of industries, ranging from governments to power solutions aviation engineering, all the way to IT and communications. This allows engineered solutions to be put into place as well as ensuring the teams are connected and secure all year long.

With the right people and the right innovative technologies in place, IAP Worldwide has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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If you have fine hair, you know the struggle of finding the right products for your hair and sifting through an endless hair care aisle looking for those products that won’t leave your hair weighed down or greasy. And between the disappointments and the amount of wasted dollars, finding the right products is a frustrating nightmare.

So when YouTube bloggers like Emily McClure test the products out for us, it sure makes it easier to sift through the overabundance of hair care products.

Emily decided to put a new type of product to the test: Cleansing Conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean.

Cleansing Conditioner, for those who are unfamiliar, is an all-in-one product meant to replace five separate products, including: shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner, and deep conditioner. Clearing up space in the shower and simplifying our routine? We’ll call that a win for Wen!

But the real question is, will Cleansing Conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean work? Yes!

Emily did have concerns at first, such as the amount of product called for and feeling as if she woke up with greasy hair if she showered at night; however, with a morning shower and a week’s worth of use, she determined that it was a great product for fine hair. It left her hair feeling fuller and softer, and her friends dolled out compliments on how healthy and shiny her hair looked, a definite confidence booster for Emily.

She does recommend that the product be worked into a morning routine rather than at nighttime, but other than that, WEN by Chaz Dean gets her stamp of approval for people with fine hair.

Cleansing Conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean does come in several varieties. To give it a try, go here for Emily’s recommendation, the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint option.

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When shopping for clothing many are faced with a similar choice. Is it going to be quality or quantity? When it comes time to revamp a wardrobe, many will have to settle with mediocre garments to make the bill a little less daunting. Sadly the clothes usually do not last very long, and the whole process will start again. Thankfully now there is JustFab, a website that will never force its customers to choose on Facebook.

JustFab was created back in 2010 as a way to give fashionable clothing to all its members without gouging their wallets. Signing up for a subscription to JustFab gives access to all the current fashion trends as well as style tips to make sure every person gets exactly what they need. After becoming members, people are treated to a personalized shopping experience at The creators of JustFab know that no two people are exactly alike. Coming up with a way to customize the site based on specific tastes just made sense. The site has been gaining popularity at a rapid rate allowing it to branch off into other areas. There are now other sites dedicated to shoes, children’s clothing, and athletic wear, their newest venture.

Fabletics is a division of JustFab that brings gorgeous workout clothing to those who want to be both health conscious and fashionable. After teaming up with movie star Kate Hudson they came out with a line of clothing that anyone would be proud to wear to the gym. Now no one will have to worry about cheap fabric tearing in the middle of a high intensity workout, or a top becoming see through after being exposed to a little sweat. Fabletics and Kate Hudson herself wanted to make sure anyone could be happy and comfortable during their workout. Hudson has made health and fitness a big part of her life and is now sharing that with her fans through the website. It does not matter if someone likes biking, running, yoga or a treadmill. There is something for everyone with Fabletics.

The idea for a subscription based fashion site is a much needed addition to the way people shop. Fabletics clothing is both stylish and affordable, and with customized suggestions there is very little guesswork involved. It no longer matters if it’s a night out on the town, or an afternoon at a yoga class, JustFab and Fabletics will take care of everything. Take a look and sign up today, you will be happy to see what they have to show you.

One of the best ways to manage one’s own reputation is to get reviews. There are ways to get reviews, and ways not to get reviews. For one thing, reviews are very important in that they help to spread word about a company. Since reviews are not as promotional as advertising campaigns, they are more trustworthy. However, not every review is trustworthy. Some reviews are faked by people who want to post some false information for their own reasons. One thing that could help to ask for reviews is to send out personalized emails to clients. One thing to look for are the satisfied customers.
One thing that may not be wise is to send out a mass email to a multitude of customers asking for reviews. This could result in a bunch of reviews of all natures. One thing that people want to do is make sure that they have mostly good reviews so that they can encourage people to shop at the business or do business with the person in question. One of the best types of reviews to ask for are those that go in depth on what is so good about the services that have been given to the customer.

One thing that is not a good thing is paying for reviews. Business owners should never do that. Paid reviews can’t be trusted. This practice is actually unethical for a lot of reasons. Another reason to not pay for reviews is that the paid reviews often look very spam. Often times, the reviews are only one line. Then there are reviews that are lengthy, but they don’t really go into the specifics about the business. As a result, the business really loses credibility. It is better to accept reviews for free because they are more likely to be authentic.

Did you know that things you consider to be safe might actually be harming your physical and mental health? From the food you eat to the way that you fall asleep, it is important to understand what will not only maintain your health, but what will also improve it. Wengie, an Australian YouTube personality, understands even the most tedious of tasks and how they compose the overall standard of your health. Most of these factors circulate your night time routine.

1. Use Natural Elements for Skin Care

Did you know that store-bought facial masks might actually contain harmful chemicals that are ruining your skin? Because of this fact, everybody’s favorite beauty guru enjoys making face masks that contain nothing but natural elements. Her favorite recipe includes:

  • 1 teaspoon of white, plain yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of mashed avacado

Combining all of these ingredients creates a flawlessly smooth facial mask that is easily applied with a makeup brush.

2. What Kind of Lights are in Your Home?

Blue lights, like those put off by your electronics, actually contribute to insomnia. The blogger suggests incorporating more yellow lighting into your home, and utilizing candles as much as possible.

3. Wind Down Before Going to Sleep

Your day is done, so you breathe a sigh of relief. You should be tired, but your mind is still stuck in work mode. As a result, it is recommended to wind down by reading a book or getting a massage before you attempt to hit the hay.

4. Sleepy Time Fragrances

Despite your efforts, going to sleep might still prove difficult. If you cannot fall asleep, it is suggested to use lavender oil and jasmine plants, as their fragrances possess qualities that will put all those who smell them in a sleep-like trance.

5. Perform Regular Eye Massages

Laptops and cell phones put a great strain on the human eye, and it is important to soothe those aching ocular muscles each night before bed. Wengie actually has a pretty high-tech massager, but if that is seemingly out of your reach, using your hands to gently massage the area works wonders.


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Global Tel Link is one of the leading providers of prison technology solutions in America. Since their establishment, they have managed to acquire clients and obtain loyalty from most of them. Unknowingly to this customers, however, GTL uses them to enrich themselves without adding any value to their services.

According to a press release made by Securus Technologies, GTL had once been charged with some wrongdoings that they still show no change of correcting. According to a statement that was made by the senior executive of the company, Richard Smith, Louisiana Public service Commission had investigated and charged them with some actions that breached integrity in the industry.

GTL for the longest time has been taking advantage of their customers, stealing from them. This is by executing all kinds of con tactics, including double charging one transaction, using tariff rates that they were not allowed to and illegally overcharging their customers. With this cheat techniques, the company had managed to make $ 1, 000, 000.

With their deceitful acts, GTL was hurting the customers, who are relied upon by all the industry players in order for them to thrive. Additionally, they were breaching the integrity of the industry as a whole. With their actions, the prison technology industry was on its way to collapse. Therefore, by shaming GTL, Securus was not only exuding a high level of integrity. Rather, they were helping restore integrity in the industry as a whole.

Securus Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers for technology solutions to prisons and other correctional facilities in 48 states in North America. The company was founded over three decades ago and has since been providing both phone and video services for inmates and their families.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The world of entrepreneurship is full of ‘one-hit-wonders’; those folks who come up with one great idea and then walk off into the sunset. Don Ressler, however, is not one of those kinds of entrepreneurs. This guy has been a driving force behind successful star-up companies, like and Intelligent Beauty. Perhaps he is best known for his joint-venture with fellow entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg. Together, Ressler and Goldenberg have created the online sensation ‘JustFab‘, which has changed the way that people think about purchasing apparel and accessories online.

When Goldenberg and Ressler started working together they quickly realized that they had what it took to become a hit in the online retail industry. It took the pair only a few weeks to come up with the foundation for Intelligent Beauty, and big things quickly followed suit. This online commerce juggernaut soon spawned DERMSTORE, SENSA and the subscription ecommerce powerhouse, JustFab.

Back in 2011, JustFab was able to drum up $33 million in funding, and even brought on media sensation Kimora Lee Simmons as Creative Director/President. JustFab proved to have the right formula in place, as it attracted 4 million members shortly after its inception. When it increased the membership numbers to more than six million, Ressler and his business partner secured $76 million during a follow-up funding round.

Don Ressler proves to budding entrepreneurs
that if you can dream it, you can do it. Of course, the man behind so many successful ventures didn’t simply sit around and wish for things to happen. By aligning himself with a formidable business partner, envisioning new ways to reach the masses and making the right steps along the way, Ressler has worked hard to enjoy the level of success that he has managed to obtain thus far.

There is even more on the horizon for Ressler and JustFab. There are now several companies that call JustFab their parent-company, including Fabletics. This company on has been garnering a lot of buzz in the online apparel retail industry. Famous Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson is a collaborator with Ressler and Goldenberg on this project, which is focused on offering subscribers with fashionable and functional athletic apparel.

The future seems to have a lot in store for Ressler. Like any good entrepreneur, though, the current projects may just be the tip of the iceberg where this established online entrepreneur is concerned at

Andy Wirth, commonly known as Andy, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. Previously, Andrew served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Corporation as from 2nd August 2010.

He is currently the president of the company. Before joining the Squaw Valley Ski firm, he worked as the Senior Vice President of sales and marketing Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation since 2006, June. Mr. Andy Wirth has also worked as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Steamboat of Intrawest.

Before being appointed to this post, he formerly served the Steamboat Corporation as the Executive Vice President and as a Marketing Officer beginning July 2007. Andrew as a 24-year experience in the sales and marketing sector.

He also has been a Trustee of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority since 2013. Mr. Wirth graduated with a BSc from the Colorado State University. Credible sources say that he has studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

On a radio interview held on July last year on KCRW Radio with Madeleine Brand, Andrew recounts on his dealings as the President and CEO at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

He talked about connecting the two ski resorts, Alpine Meadows, and Squaw Valley. He also talks about his time there since coming to Squaw Valley. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

According to the interview, most of us passionate skies listened to on the KCRW Radio, the idea to connect the two resorts came from the founder of Squaw Valley Resort Wayne Poulsen’s dream several years ago. “When I joined the company, Troy and I began a long working friendship to seen through the vision of Wayne.”

Andrew saw this as a more viable way of doing business than his predecessor’s ‘litigation and lawyers’ manner of Business. Mr. Troy and Andrew decided to carry on this vision.

In this interview, Andy Wirth talks about the measures the resorts have taken to curb the winter effect on KT. He also talks about the location of the loading and offloading terminals. The loading and offloading terminals are located in the area near the Skunk Rock. If you know the place well you will know where the station is located.

The construction does not affect the Five Lakes Granite Chief Wilderness Area. The McConkey’s and the KT-22 are going to be built on Caldwell’s land. There are also plans to involve the residents surrounding the resorts in the planning and construction underway.

For the past half a decade, Andrew Wirth and his team have made significant improvements in Squaw. The minor changes and the major idea of connecting Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. It would be an exciting adventure to ride a gondola from the Squaw Valley to Alpine. This connection is good news to those of us who love nature and outdoors.

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